Press Release

Title: Student Organization Leadership: Starting, Running, and Improving a Student Group
Authors: Cyrus Fakharzadeh and Dr. Mark Todd
ISBN#: 0-7414-5737-7 (10-digit); 978-0-7414-5737-0 (13-digit)
Retail Price: $11.95 for paperback; $5.97 for e-book 
Page Length: 153 pages for paperback 
Publishing Year: 2010 for paperback; 2012 for e-book
Publisher: Infinity Publishing, 1094 New Dehaven St., Suite 100, W. Conshohocken, PA 19428

Who this guidebook is written for
The main audience of this handbook is college/university (two year, four year, and graduate) and high school students.

What this manual is about
This how-to is loaded with advice and examples on how to run and improve just about any student group. The content of the e-book and paperback versions for the 2nd edition are virtually the same.

When this book is available
After the publication of the paperback of the 2nd edition in 2010, the corresponding e-book has been released in 2012.

Where can this book be purchased
Currently, this edition is available for sale at online booksellers. The paperback edition can be ordered by phone at 1-877-BUY-BOOK or bought at bookstores such as Barnes & Noble.

How the e-book is to be read
The MOBI version sold on Amazon works on Kindle e-readers. The EPUB version sold on Barnes and Noble works on the Nook e-readers and tablet. Both formats work on PC/Windows and Macintosh/iPad platforms using the free viewing apps.

Why get the e-book
In the electronic version of the work, the various colors on pages can be seen on color e-readers, content may be searched, definitions of words can be looked up by selection, and hyperlinks allow for ease of navigation within and outside of the book.

Biographies of the Authors
Cyrus Fakharzadeh has many years of experience as a leader of student organizations at the high school and college levels. He has attained several high school and college student awards for his service and contributions to student organizations. A Project Management Professional with three master degrees, he has provided consulting to student groups for several years.

Mark Todd has served for a number of years as a leader in student government. Holding a PhD, he has received honors for his student leadership from many national organizations. Serving as a mentor to student leaders, he has been honored by the student government at his university for service to the organization.