Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this book?
A: This guidebook covers material about how one would start, run, or improve a student organization. This how-to book addresses five major resource constraints of student organizations: limited advisement, budget, personnel, participation, and training.
Q: Who should read this book? 
A: The audience for this book includes high school, undergraduate, and graduate student leaders of student organizations. This book is well suited for current, potential, and newly elected officers and committee chairs.
Q: Why you should read this book?  
A: Student organizations play a critical role in the life of students at school, but there are not enough people who know how to run them successfully. Given the often demanding academic loads of students, the problem is that there are many chaotic student organizations that eventually dissolve.

Q: Where do I find the computer files for this book?
A: Check out the Order Now page for more info about these resources you can get to further help you in using this book.
Q: When should you read this book?   
A: Whenever you have free time anywhere during a summer, winter, or spring break would be ideal. If possible, you could read this before an election or after you have just been elected or appointed as an officer or board member.
Q: How do you read this book? 
A: The book is organized in order from starting student group and becoming a student leader to improving a student organization. If you are pressed for time, you can read just those chapters that relate to your own and/or your group’s needs and weaknesses. ​