Book Contents


How to Form and Lead a Student Group 
How to Lead a Committee, Board, and Senate 
How to Write/Revise the Constitution & Bylaws 
How to Manage Financing and Purchasing 
How to Promote and Publicize an Organization 
How to Organize and Coordinate Programs 
How to Get Feedback & Address Member Issues
How to Relate to & Negotiate with Admins
How to do Elections, Transition, and Training
How to Improve or Turn Around a Student Org


Sample Constitution
Sample Bylaws 
Sample Agendas 
Time Matrix
Sample Funding Request Form 
Sample Member Survey
Sample Memorandum 
Sample Departmental Survey 
Sample Board Survey

Overview of the Book

This guidebook concerns the management of student organizations including any of the following:
  • student association
  • body
  • class (e.g., junior, senior)
  • club
  • committee
  • government
  • group
  • society
The chapters cover the major topics associated with student organizations. The appendices provide the reader with useful examples of material covered throughout the book.

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