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Written by experienced student leaders for those who want to know how to run and improve a student assembly, association, body, club, committee, council, government, group, or society

Covers material suitable for just about any student organization at colleges/universities (two-year, four-year, or graduate), high schools, and other institutions of higher learning

Loaded with advice, approaches, examples, experiences, explanations, ideas, methods, procedures, recommendations, templates, and tips

Expanded with more pages including additional material and updated content from the first edition making this newer version even better

Get and Read this Guidebook to Learn How to Effectively:
1. Start an Organization and become a Student Leader
2. Conduct Meetings
3. Write or Amend the Constitution and Bylaws
4. Budget, Finance, and Purchase
5. Advertise, Promote, and Publicize
6. Organize Programs
7. Address Member Concerns
8. Deal with Administrators
9. Elect and Train your Successors
10. Improve an Organization

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Category: Education
Subcategory: Leadership, Organizations & Institutions, or Students & Student Life
Level: Beginner to Advanced