About Us

Mission Statement of StudentOrgLeader.com

Our mission is to help student leaders and student organizations, by providing a strong learning resource in the form of a book. Continually, we strive to enhance the quality of our literary work and this website. Therefore, we welcome your feedback to help us improve our writings.

Biographies of the Authors

Cyrus Fakharzadeh has many years of experience as a leader of various student organizations at the high school and college levels. He has attained several high school and college student awards for his service and contributions to student organizations. 

Mark Todd has served for a number of years as a leader in student government. He has worked as a teacher, university professor, and university administrator. Holding a PhD, he has received honors for his student leadership and scholarship from many national organizations. Serving as a mentor to student leaders, he has been honored by the student government at his university for service to the organization.

Reviews and Testimonials of the Book

“I thought you laid everything out nicely and liked how you took the reader thorough the lifecycle of a student organization from start to finish. You have provided me with an abundance of insight and expertise that I am sure will help us succeed.” 

JS from Minnesota

“I work with student organizations on my local campus and throughout North America. This is an excellent resource that I will be sharing with my student leaders and will use for leadership training.” 

MB from Colorado

“I plan to refer students to your book for more information; I have found it very informative. Thank you!”

CM from Georgia